The PRIME Series of GP Lenses

Advanced Vision Technologies (AVT Lab) and Al Vaske announce their collaboration to provide innovative custom contact lens designs to eye professionals.

Al Vaske is the founder of Lens Dynamics, Inc. which specialized in contact lenses for irregular corneas. Lens Dynamics, Inc. was the original manufacturer of the Rose K design in the US, developed the Dyna Intra-Limbal design and created the Quad Sym Edge Treatment for asymmetrical edge contouring. The AVT Team has developed a signature line of contact lenses, the “PRIME Designs”, which incorporates small diameter, large diameter corneal designs as well as scleral designs.

AVT Lab was founded 15 years ago by two industry veterans, Janine Bugno and Keith Parker. AVT recently completed a major expansion to their lab and added more state of the art manufacturing equipment to make custom GP and soft contact lenses. There is 100+ years of CONTACT LENS experience in the AVT Team.

“PRIME DESIGNS” give eyecare professionals the tools to fit most irregular corneas: Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Post Refractive Surgery and Post Penetrating Keratoplasty.

The PRIME Series is a culmination of 30 years of designing and fitting GP lenses on irregular corneas. These include Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Post Graft, Post Refractive Surgery, Adult Post Cataract and Pediatric Congenital Cataracts. It brings to the practitioner the latest clinical thinking as to the best approaches to fitting various corneal problems. No one design or diameter can fit these various corneal conditions and some corneal irregularities have more than one good approach.

PRIME Kone Design:
This small GP design is best used on steep, Nipple Keratoconus. Diameters range from 8.0 mm to 9.9 mm with a specialized peripheral system to mimic the contour of these corneas.

PRIME Scleral Design:
The PRIME Mini Scleral has diameters 13.5mm, 14.0 mm and 14.5 mm.

PRIME Limbal Design:
Diameters range from 10.0 mm to 12.00 mm and are meant to fit within the limbus. These help for better positioning, better vision, enhanced GP comfort and gives the fitter the ability to vault the corneal ectasia. Available with reverse geometry especially for Post Refractive Surgery patients.

PRIME Pediatric Series:
This PRIME Limbal design variation is in Menicon Z material for extended wear for kids with congenital cataracts. The most common diameters for these conditions is 10.4 and 10.8 mm..