A Beautiful Scleral Design

Parameters Needed for Correct Fitting

Keratometry • Spectacle Refraction • HVID • Scleral Diagnostic Set

  • Cornea Style
  • Normal
  • Irregular
  • Pellucid
  • Post-Surgical
  • Post-RK
  • Design Add-ons
  • Sphere
  • Toric
  • Multifocal
  • Post-Surgical
  • Post-RK
  • Lens Parameters
  • Base Curve – ANY
  • Sphere Power – ANY
  • Cylinder Power – ANY
  • Axis – ANY
  • Diameter – 15 to 22mm

AVT Scleral Diagnostic Fitting Set

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  • 18 Lenses

  • Simplified Fitting Design

  • Tangent Angle Carrier Design

3 Adjustable Zones

PC: Peripheral Clearance Zone

The outside zone of the lens where it settles on the the sclera.

LC: Limbal Clearance Zone

The zone near the edge of the iris.

AC: Apical Clearance Zone

The tear layer between the corneal surface and the lens.

3 AVT Scleral Lenses

• AVT Scleral Standard – Majority of corneas

• AVT Scleral LC – Limbal Clearance Design

• AVT Scleral RC – Reverse Curve Design – Vaulting LC Zone while increasing AC Clearance

Recommended Solutions

For the care of Scleral Lenses

Scleral Compliance Pack

scleral compliance pack bag addipak-01

Naturalens RDS

rds 12

Naturalens GP Cleaner

Naturalens gp cleaner

Scleral Lens Care Guide

Care • Cleaning • Insertion • Removal

What patients think of AVT Scleral Lenses

Since the SoftPerm (combination) contact lenses were discontinued, I have spent the past year and a half going through various contact lens possibilities with no luck until my eye doctor suggested Scleral Lenses to me. These lenses are the most comfortable contact lenses I have ever worn over the past 30+ years of having to wear contact lenses. I also get the excellent vision correction that I need with them to include correction for astigmatism. Working various hours doing shift-work, I had always encountered comfort problems that went along with eye fatigue by the end of the shift. However, I get none of those problems with the Scleral Lenses as the comfort does not seem to be affected by the length of wear time. As someone with numerous vision issues, I probably would not be able to continue my career without the Scleral Lenses, as I had exhausted all of the other possibilities and do not get such consistent vision with glasses. Further, Keith Parker and Advanced Vision Technologies have been wonderfully diligent, knowledgable, and attentive in meeting my needs.

CindyWoodland Park, CO

I had radial keratotomy 23 years ago and have never been able to see since.  I could not get good vision out of soft contacts no matter what the kind, I could not see out of glasses and on top of it my eyes were always red and irritated.  Finally, my eye doctor referred me to Keith Parker at AVT for scleral lenses.  I was afraid of the size and the fact that they are hard.  My eyes were always so sore I couldn’t imagine putting those things in my eyes.  Not only could I not feel them, I could see CLEARLY for the first time in 23 years.  I almost cried.  I saw things I had forgotten were there, crystal clear.  If you are having any trouble seeing or irritation, don’t be afraid to do this.  You will be forever thankful as I am.  Also, everyone who works in the office is wonderful, especially Keith!

DebbyGolden, CO