AVT Naturalens and Naturalens Mini

With 22 years of contact lens fitting experience, I rarely see such a comprehensive fitting set as the Naturalens and Naturalens Mini set.  These fitting sets offers recommended starting points, easy to follow fitting tips, and is accompanied with excellent photos of what is, and what is not desired for the ideal fit.  Between the features of the fitting sets, ease of the design, and AVT’s knowledgeable lens consultants, this lens is easy to learn and fit, on some of the most complicated diagnoses and compromised corneas.  I have used the Naturalens designs successfully on corneal grafts, Keratoconus, post refractive ectasias, traumatic corneal scarring, and a variety of ocular diseases.

April Doeppers, ABO, NCLE/ACContact Lens Technician / Trainer Midwest Eye Care, P.C.

Just wanted to let [AVT] know about a patient that I just finished a fit with your Naturalens Progressives. I tried numerous other designs of multifocals on this patient to no avail due to her large pupil diameter. The lenses you designed has given this very high myope great near, intermediate and far vision.

Thanks very much!

Jay David Ball, L.D.O.Yakima Contact Lenses

I was able to fit the Large Diameter Scleral lenses on two patients today. One patient had severe ectasia related to bilateral corneal transplants. He had previously worn 15.5 OAD AVT Sclerals with some discomfort. Today he remarked that the 18.1 Sclerals were much more comfortable. He ordered them on the spot!

My second patient had severe bilateral keratoconus and was fitted by another doctor with Rose K small GP’s. They fell out constantly. The new 18.1 lenses provided a nice fit and 20/20- acuity. He was thoroughly impressed and asked to have them ordered ASAP  (We’re working through his insurance for now).

Thanks for your efforts. These new lenses are wonderful!

Nick Ritz, O.D.

Thank you for your help & consultation with [my patient’s] front toric RGP… He’s doing great with the new lens. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Dr. Tara L. Peterson

Amazing job on how you designed [my patient’s] post-PRK lens. It looked so good on his eye. He’s tried for so many yeas from other doctors to be fit.

Dr. Kent Yount

Keith Parker and his team are amazing! They were successful in making comfortable and corrective contacts for my particularly challenging vision. Keith developed the contacts that corrected my astigmatism, near sightedness, sensitivity and need for bifocals,. He even explained how they worked, which helped me to adapt to them easier. Now I can enjoy awesome mountain views and text message in one blink. I am thankful to the AVT team for their tenacity and outstanding customer service.

Nan Greenwald

I want to share my patient’s delight with her new softK contact lenses.

She is a 33 year old mother of one and also a firefighter. She picked up both lenses 3 days ago and came in for her first follow-up visit and sees 20/20-1 and 20/20. Previous BVAs were 20/50 and 20/30-1 with old KC RGPs

She said these are awesome! She cannot remember seeing this well in years. During a call for work she wore her face mask for 35 minutes to help repair a gas leak and had sharp vision the whole time with no clouding or lens shifting. She calls it a mixed blessing because now she can see peoples wrinkles, messy hair and cloudy dishes easily!

She gave me a big hug today so I felt you should feel that hug also.

Mischelle Gragg, O.D.

Advanced Vision Technologies is an awesome company to work with. The staff are great to work with. Consultation is very knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help. I put my trust in them.

Sue Oram

“I am extremely grateful for the products and service provided by AVT. I work with a population of patients with very unique and complex ocular and medical histories from aphakia to post trauma to keratoconus and more. The consultation team at AVT walks me through each patient and ensures I’m able to provide the best results tailored to each case’s unique needs. They also have a fast turnaround time which is crucial in ensuring my patients are able to receive their lenses quickly!”

KelseyCincinnati Children’s Hospital

We like working with Advanced Vision Technologies when it comes to fitting our keratoconus patients with their scleral lenses.  We can always find something suitable from their array of specialized lenses.  The lenses are easy to fit and, with the assistance of their knowledgeable consultants – particularly Robert Powell who has yet to disappoint with his skill and knowledge – we are quite satisfied.  We have not yet had a patient that we could not fit comfortably.

We have been fitting scleral contact lenses for the past 8 years and have gone through 5 different brands.  AVT’s scleral contact lenses are the best we have come across.

Thanks AVT!

Lloyd Reynolds, Ophthalmologist

Judale Dixon, Tasheena Powell, Ophthalmic Assistants

Ultimate Eye Centre Ltd.

Scleral lenses are truly life-changing. I never thought I would be able to see this well again. After some reading on the internet about scleral lenses, the process of getting them to fit and inserting and removing them seemed intimidating. Fortunately, my eye doctor referred me to Advanced Vision Technologies.

The experts there walked me through every step of the way. The crystal clear vision that I have now is astonishing.  Seeing people’s expressions and the gorgeous Colorado mountains are adding so much to my quality of life. I could not be more grateful.