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Our Top Priority is your patient’s satisfaction. Our goal is excellence in customer service.

We are a Unique contact lens laboratory with real world experience + expert consultation for the most challenging contact lens demands.
Our professionals specialize in the innovative design of premium GP Contact Lenses and Specialty Soft Contact Lenses. We empower OD’s and their practices with exceptional products, supplies, support, and education.


We provide the highest quality lenses available. Manufactured by state-of-the-art equipment.

Expert Consulation

Our team consists of the most highly qualified and trained consultants. With over 50 years of combined experience, we can help you achieve the perfect fit for any patient.

Quick Service

We pride ourselves on delivering your product on time.

One Stop Shop

We provide everything the patient and practitioner needs, from GP lenses, custom soft lenses, and full a range of solutions and accessories.

What doctors say about us

Just wanted to let [AVT] know about a patient that I just finished a fit with your Naturalens Progressives. I tried numerous other designs of multifocals on this patient to no avail due to her large pupil diameter. The lenses you designed has given this very high myope great near, intermediate and far vision.

Thanks very much!

Jay David Ball, L.D.O.Yakima Contact Lenses

Thank you for your help & consultation with [my patient’s] front toric RGP… He’s doing great with the new lens. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Dr. Tara L. Peterson

Amazing job on how you designed [my patient’s] post-PRK lens. It looked so good on his eye. He’s tried for so many yeas from other doctors to be fit.

Dr. Kent Yount
Keith Parker and his team are amazing! They were successful in making comfortable and corrective contacts for my particularly challenging vision. Keith developed the contacts that corrected my astigmatism, near sightedness, sensitivity and need for bifocals,. He even explained how they worked, which helped me to adapt to them easier. Now I can enjoy awesome mountain views and text message in one blink. I am thankful to the AVT team for their tenacity and outstanding customer service.
Nan Greenwald